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Debashish-SomadderThe most miraculous scientific adventure of nature is ‘life’, specially human life. The power of ‘self healing’ is an incredible gift from nature to human. I have been an enthusiast since I experienced this simple but deepest truth of life. I am Debashish Somadder, was born in 1st December in 1975. Professionally I am a singer-lyricist & composer. By born I was suffering from Neurological problems, Dyslexia, Hypertension, Insomnia, More..

Why you join us

  • If you experience Stress, Hypertension, Diabetes and insomnia.
  • If you experience any kind of Pain (back pain , knee pain, wrist pain).
  • If you experience Frozen Shoulder, Spondylitis and Arthritis.
  • If you experience Asthma, Sinusitis, Allergy and Cold.
  • If you experience Migraine and Common Headache.
  • If you want to increase/regain Beauty.
  • If you experience Anger.
  • To prevent any kind of fatal diseases.

Arafat Rahman‎

I was suffering from headache for a decade. I was really worried. At that time I took so much medicine for my pain. Suddenly I was discussing this problem with Mr. Dabashish Somadder. First he was introduced me with Self Tuning. He taught me that now I am feeling really good. It changes my life. Now I am not taking any medicine for last 30 days. It is really good and think everyone should know and learn Self Tuning.

Marchant Marine Officer

Sujan Biswas

I was suffering from Back Pain, Frozen Shoulder, Spondylitis and stress for the last five years. At that time I took medicine from doctors. But I Didn't feel better anyway. At last I met Mr. Debashish Somadder. He show me a new way of healing methods "Self Tuning". I learn and apply it. Now I feel there is no pain in my body and don't feel any kind of stress.

Chairman & Assistant professor, Dpt. of Management Studies at Premier University, Chittagong.

Arun Saha

My mom, who was suffering from anxiety disorder, got tremendous benefit from the holistic approach of relaxation and acupressure techniques prescribed by this organization. My best wishes will always be with this sincere initiative.


About us

Des friska is a house of alternative treatment technique consultancy. “Des” comes from Debashish Somadder and the word “Friska” is a Spanish word refers to good health. After eight years of hard work, Des Friska has introduced a completely nature based self healing technique named “Self Tuning”.

Nowadays, both the communicable (e.g. common cold, allergy, infection) and non- communicable (e.g. diseases of heart, kidney and liver, diabetes, ulcer, migraine, arthritis, spondylitis and other inflammatory diseases, depression, paralysis, cancer) diseases are escalating in an alarming rate, especially in the developing country. Some of the diseases have no permanent cure and neither preventable with conventional treatment option. In this circumstance aiming to fight these problems without taking medicines (which have unavoidable side effects) people are paying attention to Oriental treatment alternatives.

Now first ever in Bangladesh Des Friska is providing nature based treatment technique facility (Without medicine) to your grip. This technique is completely based on nature but there is no conflict with the modern treatment. You are most welcome to get our nature based treatment and enjoy classical benefit of “An Art of Healing”.

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Our Services

Individual Consultancy Individual Consultancy
We provide Self Tuning Consultancy for individual person.
Group Consultancy Group Consultancy
We provide Self Tuning Consultancy for a group of people.
Free Consultancy Free Consultancy
We provide Free Self Tuning Consultancy for the poor people.
Combined Service Combined Service
We provide a combined service with Allopathic, Alternative treatments and Nutrition.